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Have you ever taken the time to think about how the modern video game is developed? Of course everyone loves to play an action-packed game once in awhile, but many do not consider the effort it takes for the product to be designed. Video game development is a rapidly growing profession in the entertainment field, with game design taking center stage. Motivation is key when hoping to break into this increasingly popular industry, but technical skill and the proper qualifications are also critical.

The video game designer is currently the industry's most sought after position. Designers are required to produce the best possible game aimed especially for the genre and targeted audience. What does this mean in actuality? Game designers are those individuals instructed to make video games “playable” and “fun.” It is not as easy and it seems, though. Game designers must start their task by writing and diagramming the game in a design document using a variety of developmental tools. These documents must be kept current at all times so other members of the design team will constantly be aware of the project status. As this document steadily moves from a detailed puzzle to video game reality, the designer must test the creation to ensure proper levels of game play.

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Most games are equipped with numerous designers. These designers will usually divide up the primary duties according to knowledge and intrigue. Designers are expected to familiarize themselves with all aspects of video games and research the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. Along with their designing associates, video game designers are also asked to work with other sections of the developmental team such as audio, production, programming and visual arts.

Art schools and vocational schools are an ideal place to develop technical skills, create a portfolio, and work on your craft. A few game developers are very particular when it comes to their designers having a degree, while many prefer talent above all. Those will artistic ability, drive, and devotion to the art of game design should have no difficulty breaking into this leading profession.