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Bartending can be an exciting, lucrative career choice. Bartenders can expect to make between $100 and $150 on weeknights, and $100 to $300 on weekends. And becoming a bartender is not as difficult as it may seem. It just takes a little training, a bit of skill, and the ability to have fun!

It is required by law that all bartenders must be at least 18 years of age. They must also be state certified in mixology. Certification consists of completing a bartending course through a reputable bartending school and then passing a state examination. This exam includes a written test and a performance segment. The written examination quizzes potential bartenders on drink recipes, bar procedures and set-up, how and where various liquors originate, and also legal requirements. The performance section will measure the student's expertise in mixing drinks behind the bar. Certification can be used anywhere in the United States.

While customer service experience is not required, it is quite helpful in the bartending industry. Bartending is an exciting job, but extremely demanding! Bartenders are required to control the wait staff, keep the beer and liquor stocked, make sure that the glasses are clean, all while serving the patrons at the bar. Bartenders are expected to be spirited and vivacious, while also remaining professional.

The bartending profession has been traced back as far as the Roman era with the existence of drinking houses. A large number of bartenders before the 15th century produced all their own liquors. As early as 1616, many Western European regions such as England, Ireland, Germany, and France were home to public drinking houses. The bartenders and owners of these pubs were regarded as part of the social and economic aristocracy, and some were the richest of the era. This high social status for bartenders continued to build for many centuries to come.

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