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Not everyone can be in the spotlight, but there are many jobs available in the music industry for those set on making a dynamic impact. One such job is that of the recording engineer. The engineer plays a pivotal role in music production, as it is up to these dedicated individuals to actually transform the vision of an artist into musical reality.

The main task of the recording engineer is to control the mixing and recording equipment that is used during a session with a musician. Their first role in the recording session is to regulate microphones on all the instruments that are to be recorded. The engineers then must record the musicians one track at a time. Each track must be assessed by the engineer after the recording to assure top quality. The outcome of each track is frequently discussed with both artist and producer so the engineer can make the necessary adjustments. When all tracks are successfully captured on tape with the adequate degree of quality, the engineer can then mix the master track.

Engineering is an extremely grueling job that demands excellent verbal communication, detail orientation, a good musical ear, and most of all patience. Recording engineers work long days doing tiresome, repetitive tasks. Engineers must possess a complete technical mastery of their recording equipment, which includes how to repair it. They also must learn to comprehend the aspirations of the artist and producer, and illustrate these goals through recording technology. Engineers must continuously broaden their horizons, and increase their knowledge to keep up to date with the ever changing music industry.

Those interested in an engineering career can obtain technical training through a recording arts university program, technical school instruction, or the best option, on-the-job training ( Individuals dedicated to becoming recording engineers should follow every probable opening to observe or lend a hand in the world of recording. Every experience can be one step closer to realizing their dream.