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Everything that we use on a daily basis must first be manufactured, or made. Manufacturing engineers are the individuals that create and develop these products. Virtually all businesses that manufacturer a product have a constant need for manufacturing engineers. Prominent corporations frequently hire large numbers of engineers, which is one reason that this profession is becoming so popular.

It is the primary job of the manufacturing engineer to instruct and coordinate the processes of production, from start to finish. Engineers engage with all standpoints of manufacturing from the production control to handling of materials. They must learn instruction in a variety of engineering resources such as machines, information networks, and analytical instruments. Engineers gradually develop extensive knowledge in manufacturing processes, assembly engineering, quality engineering, product engineering, and systems design.

Engineers will many times work in teams for the production of new products. They must associate with other mechanical and design engineers, marketing specialists, purchasing agents, and accountants to get the job done. All of these occupations together assist in the creation and development of the company's final product. The manufacturing engineer, however, is the key to it all.

Individuals in the engineering field have dynamic technical ability and educational history. A Bachelor of Science degree is required for engineering, although many will return to college to receive a higher degree. Engineers have strong communication and human resource skills, a firm knowledge of manufacturing and engineering and they also must enjoy solving complex puzzles. Manufacturing engineers must be able to concentrate on a complete project, while not losing sight of the smaller jobs it takes to finish the entire task.

Manufacturing engineers can earn $40,000 to $50,000 a year starting off. Salaries can be quite competitive, and this amount is higher for those with previous work experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the need for manufacturing engineers between the years 1998 to 2008 will be slightly above the national average. - Strategos, Inc.--Lean and Cellular Manufacturing resources