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Working on a cruise ship gives you the opportunities of a lifetime. Where else can you travel the world, make a significant amount of money quickly, meet a variety of people from different cultures and nationalities, all while gaining valuable, exciting work experience? Cruise ships employ large numbers of staff; practically every profession you find on land, you will find on a cruise ship.

The employment department of cruise lines are constantly searching for new employees in their continually expanding industry. The cruise ship and hospitality industry in general offer a broad variety of jobs around the world, even with no previous experience. Food and beverage personnel such as waiters and cooks, entertainers, hotel personnel, and administrative employees are just a few of the huge number of jobs available on a cruise ship.

Ships visit nearly every foreign location across the globe. That is one reason that cruise ship jobs have become so popular. There are close to 520 different ports and locations included in numerous ship's plans and itineraries. While you may be working, employees are given opportunities to go on land to visit the many exotic locations.

Cruising with Confidence.

The largest markets for the cruise business are the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska. Most first time employees do not get a choice of where they want to work and travel. After a certain time period and level of employment, workers do have options in the choice of destinations.

Cruise ship employment requires motivation and discipline. Employees should enjoy interacting with other people, and be able to live in close quarters with fellow crew members. Customer service experience although not required, is a major plus. Potential cruise ship workers should also be prepared to be away from home for extended periods of time. Most cruise line contracts are a minimum of six months.