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A major problem in modern society, credit card fraud continues to steadily worsen. With credit cards used in so many different ways and through various outlets, it is easy to comprehend how an offender could prey on the innocent. There are precautions to be taken, and situations to be aware of to prevent yourself from becoming just another casualty in the war on credit card fraud.

The internet is a very hazardous place in regards to credit card fraud. It is essential that you are cautious when supplying online websites and companies with your credit card number. Never enter your credit card information into websites linked through emails. A majority of these hyperlinks lead you to a fraudulent site that is created to steal your credit card account information. Try to only provide your credit card account number when absolutely necessary. If it is crucial for you to make an online payment, there are several creditable services that allow you to pay without supplying your account information to an unlicensed third party.

It is wise to carry your credit cards with you constantly for safe keeping. Most people carry their cards in wallets, however, it is actually more secure to keep them in a separate container. Try a business card holder or mini pouch. Always make sure that your credit card is immediately returned after each transaction that you make. Remember, credit card thieves do not need the physical card to do damage; all they need is your account information to fund their criminal activities.

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It is advisable to check your credit card account statements and credit report monthly to make sure that no unauthorized charges have been made to any of your accounts. If you happen to come across some strange activity, call the credit card company at once and alert them that an individual has stolen your credit card or card card number. Tell them that you would like this account canceled immediately. Canceling the card will ensure that no further charges can be made to the account, and no subsequent financial harm can be inflicted upon your credit.