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Cash flow industry

Historically, the cash flow industry has it's origin in two totally different financial techniques: owner financing and factoring. As the cash flow industry develops, so does the popularity of these systems.

The first method of finance involved in the cash flow business is owner financing. Owner financing has been prevalent in the United States since the early 1900s, and is used frequently by homeowners and real estate investors. With owner financing, a real estate seller will receive a promissary note as part of the purchase price. That note is then secured by putting a mortgage on the property up for sale.

The second technique that contributed to the rise of the cash flow industry is factoring, also referred to as accounts receivable purchasing. This method has been around thousands of years, but is just now becoming popular. With factoring, a business sells a product to another business, then it sends that second business an invoice to collect the money that is owed. The initial business can do one of two things. They can either wait for the invoice to be paid, or sell the invoice to a third group for a reduced price. The last part of the transaction is factoring. Pre-1980, factoring was available only to large companies and was used mainly in the garment, furniture, and textile factories. However, as the independent broker emerged, so did factoring and the cash flow industry.

In time, certain companies began to entertain the idea of factoring brokerage as a career option. Numerous training programs assist in advertising factoring brokerage as a profession, just as private mortgage brokering was popularized years before. Currently, several factoring companies rely primarily on independent brokers instead of dealing with factoring companies which they have done business with previously. The result is an increase in the factoring brokerage profession, and a boom in the cash flow industry. Keep your cash flowing by using stock market systems to invest and grow. is your #1 lender for online loans. Simply fill out our online application anytime 24/7 and you could receive your loan by the next business day!