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The airline industry has become a highly competitive business in regards to job security. However, if you love to travel and are looking for excitement, what have you got to lose? Becoming a flight attendant may be the job for you. To even be considered for this popular position, you must meet the airline's very specific qualifications and requirements.

Almost every airline requires a high school diploma or G.E.D. Most airlines like for their employees to have some form of higher education. Research shows that approximately one-half of flight attendants have completed at least one full year of college, with over one-third possessing an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Most employment departments feel that college experience makes an applicant more mature, and better able to handle all the aspects that accompany the flight attendant position.

You must be a United States citizen or registered alien with right to accept employment to work with any major airline. You must also possess a social security card, and in some cases a passport. You must also be able to speak English efficiently. Expertise in a second language such as Spanish, French, German, or Chinese is a plus.

Flight attendants must have a very tidy and attractive appearance. Attendants must look professional for they are the only employees with direct contact to the public. Airlines do not allow visible tattoos, body piercings, or long hair on men. However, every company is different.

Customer service experience and knowledge is a major benefit in this position. Flight attendants work with the public on a continual basis. It is the attendant's role to represent the company through serving, greeting, and assisting passengers. It is essential for flight attendants to project a positive image, so airlines are particular about hiring those individuals with customer service skills. If you do not have previous experience, however, airlines will sometimes substitute a college education.